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Experience is not something you can Google.

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The Community of the Third Way

You can do more than you think

The Third Way is an AIEA-sponsored online village supporting a community of entrepreneurs and freelancers that have built, are building or want to build another income stream. It is inspired by The Money Tree, a parable written by Chris Guillebeau:

We share tips, stories, and ideas you can use to build financial security for yourself to do what's most important to you. 

This is a closed group for AIEA members – everybody is a participant, nobody is a passive spectator. To be effective as a member of the Third Way community, you will have

  • Read ‘The Money Tree’ book. It is available in Print, eBook and Audiobook editions..
  • Considered if your ideas fit the Third Way criteria.
  • Accessed the Resources at where you can access the Manifesto and tools to economically build and host your new website.
  • A current AIEA membership or become an Associate Member of AIEA using the Join Us button below. The membership is just $38 a month and you can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Log in to the weekly Zoom meetings to learn and to contribute.

    Our GOAL is to help you build a new INCOME STREAM within 30 days!

    Download The Third Way Manifesto .pdf

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