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Executive Coaching with John Hale (6 Months)

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Coaching motivates you to cultivate a deeper awareness in whatever you do. In essence, coaching helps you to live deliberately. When we realise that we are the ones who literally create our own reality, it becomes possible to overcome: 〉 The nine basic fears shared by all leaders. 〉 Lost contact with people and forgetting to laugh. 〉 Poor habits around diet, sleep, exercise and relaxation. 〉 Lack of awareness, self-acceptance and being able to let go. 〉 Being around ungrateful unhappy people, who live in complaint. 〉 Choosing a life based on others’ expectations, rather than our own truth. 〉 Self-limiting careers, relationships, behaviours, values, beliefs and identities. 〉 Avoiding or projecting our emotions and then filling up with addictive behaviours John Hale has worked as an Executive Coach for over thirty years with hundreds of clients. John provides Executive Coaching to a small number of individual clients on Tuesdays. Clients can choose between annual, six-month or eight-week programs. John will help you go into and through the fires of transformation to… 〉 Master leadership, professional and life skills. 〉 Improve confidence and self-worth. 〉 Gain clarity and a compelling future. 〉 Become inspired to accomplish more. 〉 Negotiate win-win outcomes and relate with greater success. 〉 Change limiting behaviours and set healthy boundaries. 〉 Let go of self-judgements and cultivate the mutual respect of others. 〉 Increase energy, sexual vitality and much more!

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