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Mal’s Mentoring and Coffee

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One of the most useful services I can provide to my community is to have a one-on-one discussion with people who could benefit. The topics are wide-ranging and some in recent past have been: • Tell me more about AIEA • Is Interim Management right for me? • I want to improve my business profile • Can you introduce me to particular people? • How do I find a job? • I’d like to do some NED work • How can I create a Side Hustle for a secondary income stream? HOW TO MEET WITH MAL: Since COVID-19 started, I get to meet with a lot of people who need some direction from someone You may think that calling to set up a coffee meeting is quicker for you but it isn’t an effective use of my bandwidth. There are only so many hours in the week and I still need to run AIEA and interact with my family. I have found that the most productive way of spreading myself around is to spend my time with people who have a commitment to move forward. Typically, a coffee meeting would need about ninety minutes to establish rapport, have a meaningful discussion and identify some positive outcomes. Once you have placed your order, I will contact you to arrange an agreeable delivery arrangement for our chat. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this will probably be by phone or Zoom. Perhaps joining one of the Tuesday Events would be a better option for you? Or take a monthly membership ($38 a month) to see the complete deal. WHO IS MAL WALKER? I am the Chairman and CEO of AIEA and you can access my profile here - I founded AIEA in 2013 to provide a supportive environment for senior executives living in today’s Gig Economy – those interim managers who deploy on a contact or part-time basis. They fill the role of Project Manager, Interim CxO and Non-Executive Director. As you are already on the AIEA website, I don’t need to tell you much about AIEA.

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