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Due to the disruption of industry, many executives have been made redundant and face the challenge of finding the next employment. Some of them don’t have enough superannuation for retirement and worried about their future. Executives who have hit a milestone birthday (normally 40 or 50) question about their current positioning in life. The transitioning workforce and the scenario of in-between roles is taking a big toll on people’s self-confidence, creating stress, and affecting their physical, mental wellbeing. Unemployment leads to the breakdown of families and as a result, children are affected. One Day Workshop To help executives find a new role or even new life direction, we will cover the following topics: • Using Emotional Intelligence to build strong connections with recruiters, colleagues and friends to make them job referral partners. • Using Growth Mindset strategies remove mental blocks and self-sabotaging beliefs to find that new role. • Selling the CV: Refine and sharpen the strengths and transferrable skill sets to stand apart as the top candidate for the next role. • Mental & Physical Agility: Through evidence-based tools, learn how to build a strong & agile mind and body. This will help to stay focused, energized, stay motivated and achieve goals. Trainer Biography: Dr. Sathiya (Sam) Ramakrishnan has more than two decades of experience working in the Education and Healthcare industry. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Health & Biosciences from The University of Queensland, Australia. He has undertaken research fellowships in the areas of Neuroscience and Metabolic Disease at Harvard University, Boston USA. He is a keynote speaker and conducts seminars & workshops in the areas of growth mindset, emotional intelligence, peak performance, personal development, health & wellness and mindfulness. He is currently offering life, health & mindset coaching and strategy advisory services for executives, business owners and organisations.

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