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The Regional Director

The Regional Director will join AIEA as a Regional Director at an annual cost of $990.

AIEA Membership (FAIEA)

The Regional Director will be granted a FAIEA membership. Apart from the recognition that this brings, one of the most important results will be access to the Smartphone membership app (iOS or Android). With the app, all members can –

  • View a member directory
  • View another member's profile
  • Email their fellow members
  • View an event calendar and event details
  • Add event to their device calendar
  • Register for an event and pay the registration fee
  • Specify the number of guests (if the registration type was set up to collect the total number of guests only)
  • View their existing event registrations
  • Cancel an existing event registration
  • Pay an outstanding event registration fee
  • View their own member profile
  • View their membership card

AIEA Administrator

The Regional Director will be instated as an AIEA Administrator (with read-only assess). Administrators can log in and access the admin backend which is an area reserved for site and account administration, and not seen by ordinary members or visitors to the website. 

As an Administrator, the Regional Director will have another Smartphone admin app (iOS or Android) which is a powerful tool for remote access to the back end to allow you to –

  • add or check in event attendees
  • add or modify event registrations
  • delete an event registration
  • manage event waitlists
  • add or modify members and other contacts
  • search for contacts
  • archive a contact
  • record credit card payments
  • view, send, and schedule email drafts
  • view and cancel scheduled emails
  • view previously sent manual emails
  • send email to event registrants

AIEA Events

The Events are one of the biggest draw-cards of the AIEA membership. The Brisbane experience has been that members love to take their place at the podium, as the guest speaker or as the MC. The list of speakers since foundation shows that most of the speakers have been members. In fact, we make a point of giving preference to members.

The best venue for holding monthly events is one with little or no cost. Some ideas for this are –

    • The conference room of a large firm, such as the big accountants and lawyers. In most cases, they will want to provide the facility to be associated with AIEA.
    • The same goes for the facilities of other business associations (AHRI, WIT, CPA, etc.), local councils and utilities. In Brisbane, we use the AIM/IML presentation room on a regular basis. 
    • Sporting associations often make their meeting facilities available to others. For the first four years, we used the bistro of an inner-city golf club. We met in their quiet time at 10am (mid-way between breakfast and lunch) and they charged us $8 a head for coffee and cake.
    • Have a look at hotels (Hilton, Sheraton, etc) and other institutions such as the Tattersalls Club. They can be too expensive, at least at first.

The job of the Regional Director is to secure the location and the speaker. You can fill the MC role or offer it to one of the members.

The website will handle all the bookings and will remit all event attendance takings to you. the finances are handled through PayPal and AIEA will pay the PayPal fees (roughly 5%).

Membership Fees

A share of the Membership fees, new and renewal, will be paid to you on a quarterly basis. 75% of the fees will be paid to you, 5% will be retained to cover the PayPal transaction fee and 20% will be retained to support the AIEA infrastructure detailed above.

AIEA Website Platform

The AIEA website is built on a Canadian platform called Wild Apricot which providedes all the functionality of the AIEA website as well as the two Smartphone apps discussed above.

Wild Apricot specialises in websites for member-based organisations. It is under constant development. To get a feel of the additional functionality that is available to us, consult the Wild Apricot online User Manual.


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