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22 Jun 2020 10:56 PM | Jackielou Idia (Administrator)
This Tomorrow's Tech show is the antidote you did not know you needed.
In this 5 minute video, Keith Bailey, a Fellow of AIEA, is interviewed on the benefits of an Advisory Board in COVID times. Watch now...

Pandemic pushes us closer to cashless
Australia was already hurtling towards becoming a cashless economy prior to the arrival of the coronavirus, but the pandemic has rapidly sped up the trend, according to Reserve Bank data. Read more…

5G Revolution: Unlocking the Digital Age
With the imminent 5G revolution, total connectivity could be at our fingertips. This graphic looks at its far-reaching IoT applications and potential. View now…

SMEs caught in a turf war, as complexities of going cashless abound
Aussie businesses are ditching cash in droves as the COVID-19 pandemic heightens fears about germ-ridden notes, but SMEs are getting the short end of the stick as multinational payments giants clip the ticket. Read more…

Why historic SpaceX launch blazes a trail for Australia’s space industry
When Elon Musk’s commercial giant, SpaceX, launched two NASA astronauts in a spacecraft named Crew Dragon last weekend, he may have been blazing a trail for the burgeoning Australian space industry. Read more…

Gen X leads in workforce confidence
Australia’s workforce is becoming more optimistic about jobs and its financial outlook. Do these findings reflect your confidence as a baby boomer (1946-1964), Gen X (1965-1980), millennial (1981-1995) or Gen Z (1996-2010)? Read more…

Kiwi PM May Be the Most Effective Leader on the Planet
The coronavirus pandemic may be the largest test of political leadership the world has ever witnessed. Every leader on the planet is facing the same potential threat. Every leader is reacting differently, in his or her own style. And every leader will be judged by the results. Read more…

How to lose customers: Why you shouldn’t offer free services during COVID-19
It seems that every second person is now offering free stuff: webinars, courses, consulting sessions or pay-later offerings. Most are blanket offerings to everyone and anyone. No qualifier, just spill and promote. And here is the rub: generosity and commercial discernment are not mutually exclusive. Read more…

Here’s who’s hiring right now
Some industries, from government services to food production, are hiring to meet coronavirus-related demand. The three industries most likely to be hiring right now are IT, healthcare, and finance, according to LinkedIn data. Read more…

How to develop a second income in 30 days
Who doesn't want more money? Let me introduce you to the Community of the Third Way. Share tips, stories, and ideas you can use to build financial security for yourself to do what's most important to you. Our goal is to help you build a new income stream in 30 days. Read more…

One-liners from the Internet
  1. Do people talk about you behind your back? Simply fart.
  2. Do you remember when I asked you to give me your opinion? That’s right, me neither.
  3. Does expecting the unexpected make the unexpected expected?
  4. Dogs have beloved masters. Cats have waiting staff.
  5. Doing nothing is hard, you never know when you’re done.
  6. Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.
  7. Don’t vacuum and listen to loud music on your headphones in the same time. I finished three rooms until I realized the vacuum wasn’t even on.
  8. Don’t worry if plan A fails, there are 25 more letters in the alphabet.
  9. Don’t you wish they made a clap on clap off device for some people’s mouths?
  10. Don’t drink while driving – you might spill the beer.
Your Coronavirus Bonus So many coronavirus jokes out there, it’s a pundemic
  • What do you call panic-buying of sausage and cheese in Germany? The wurst-kase scenario.
  • Back in my day you would cough to cover up a fart. Now, with COVID-19, you fart to cover up a cough.
  • You know who buys up all the toilet paper? Assholes.
  • Nail salons, hair salons, waxing centre and tanning places are closed. It’s about to get ugly out there.
  • Why don’t chefs find coronavirus jokes funny? They’re in bad taste.
  • You know what they say: feed a cold, starve a fever, drink a corona.

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