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18 Feb 2020 1:53 PM | Jackielou Idia (Administrator)
Brisbane Networking - Sigrid de Kaste FAIEA will present ‘What Marketing is needed by Business Coaches & Management Consultants in 2020?'

Are you up to date with the latest changes in marketing? Do techniques change or only tools and platforms? Do service offers require a different approach to marketing your business? Sigrid de Kaste focuses on a complete, cohesive and consistent approach to marketing. This session is specifically designed for Professional Services Marketing. 
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AIEA links with IIM in the UK 

AIEA has joined forces with UK based Institute of Interim Management to facilitate the international business activities of their members. There are no borders in the business world of today, with the Internet allowing commerce to flow at breakneck speed. Interim Executives and Managers have adapted to this new world and offer their expertise in all corners of the globe. 
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5G Will Change the Way You Work from Anywhere

Ultra-fast wireless isn't just for mobile phones and gaming. It will also transform the way we work. The bottom line is that when you're no longer chained to an Ethernet cable or the availability of a Wi-Fi hotspot, the opportunities for staying productive no matter where you work start to become real. 
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Networking for Introverts

The world can be a scary place when you find it difficult to connect with others or meet new people and communicating with clients makes your heart race (not in a good way). But when you avoid people, you miss so many opportunities to have fun and learn from others. Your unique perspective can even be inspiring to somebody else. Networking gives you a chance to meet people similar to you, which can enrich your life in so many ways. 
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Your Brand Represents a Promise to Your Customers. Do You Know What Yours Is?

Your brand communicates to your customers what you stand for. The best brands make it a promise to their customers. 
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Skilled freelancers, earning more per hour than 70% of workers in US, don’t want traditional jobs

There are now 57 million Americans in the freelance economy, and 51% say no amount of money would ever entice them to take a traditional job. The top reasons: flexibility and the ability to work and live wherever they choose. 
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20 incredibly useful things you didn’t know Google Maps could do

Google Maps is indispensable. It’s also remarkably powerful. But a lot of that power isn’t exactly easy to find, from info on how busy businesses are to the ability to use the app in a privacy-centric Incognito mode. No matter how well you know Maps, you’ll learn some new tips and tricks. 
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Humans & AI: Why Collaborating with Machines Could Make Work More Meaningful

AI technology stands to boost business productivity by an estimated 40%, according to Accenture. We’ll spend less time on work-related tasks that are, well, boring. Think of data-entry, follow-up emails, or anything involving a checklist and clipboard. 
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Is the job dead? What lies ahead for us in the future of work? Here are some thoughts…

Non-permanent “alternative” work  is a global phenomenon and, in many ways, the new normal for businesses looking to increase agility and for workers looking for more flexibility. 
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One-liners from the Internet
  • You never truly understand something until you can explain it to your grandmother.
  • Experience is a wonderful thing. It enables you to recognise a mistake when you make it again.
  • You can't have everything, where would you put it?
  • Don't you wish they made a clap on clap off device for some people’s mouths?
  • If your parents never had children, chances are you won't either.
  • If people are talking behind your back, then just fart.
  • If I wanted to commit suicide, I would climb up to the height of your ego and jump down to your IQ level.
  • 9 out of 10 voices in my head say that I’m crazy. The tenth is humming.
  • A bag of money can be a symbol not only of wealth, but also of tremendous inflation.
  • A balanced diet means a cupcake in each hand.


  • 6 Mar 2020 10:03 PM | Anonymous
    I have been here in Brisbane for five years and enjoying my business career so nicely here in this best Australian city. I used to visit for help to write my business essays. The atmosphere for businesspersons is great here that's why chosen this city to commence my business.
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