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Experience is not something you can Google.

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Why do Members join AIEA?

A Sense of Belonging

There are some modern-day work environs that are just plain lonely. Principal amongst them is just being an Interim Manager. Bye and large, Interim Managers work from home and are transient visitors to other workplaces when on assignment.

This also applies to sole traders, freelancers, consultants, retrenched executives and senior executives who are between jobs. These worthy people crave the company of similar people who understand what this lifestyle is like – the drawbacks and the benefits. AIEA provides this fellowship, both face-to-face with regular events and online.

AIEA is the Congregation Point for Interim Management in Australasia.

Professional Recognition

Each member’s expertise is recognised by the provision of an AIEA post-nominal. They are:

  • MAIEA            Full Member
  • CAIEA            Certified Professional – can demonstrate 5+ years of experience
  • FAIEA             Fellow – can demonstrate 15+ years of experience
  • BAIEA             Business Member
Some members like to raise their profile by volunteering as an event speaker or MC.

Member Directory

Every member can opt-in to have their profiles accessed by the other members. Experience has shown that many work opportunities are passed from member to member. The Directory is positioned in the Members Only section and is not accessible by non-members. It can also be accessed by members on their smart-phones using the Member App.

Smartphone App

The AIEA Member App is available on IOS and Android devices and brings the member functionality to the smartphone and tablet. It gives members the ability to update their profile, book Event tickets and check on bookings. They can access the Member Directory and directly contact their fellow members.

AIEA-Jobs - Professional Paid Opportunities

One of the defining characteristics of an Interim Manager is that they are always looking for their next assignments. In 2016, AIEA created a jobs board to focus on the type of work that the members sought. These interim, contract, part-time and project assignments are sometimes difficult to find through normal, recruitment agency channels. These roles span a wide range of requirements but they all have this in common – they are targeted at senior, professional people who are prepared to provide their services in a flexible way.

The  AIEA-Jobs board is free to all individual members and also free to Business Members who take advantage of the service to find the senior executives for their short-term needs. These paid jobs are in the Members Only section of the website.

Platforms for Member Content

AIEA provides a number of platforms to allow members to deliver their content to other members and to the public. Amongst these are –

      • Networking Events:  AIEA holds regular networking events and at each event, a guest speaker (usually a senior AIEA member) gives a thirty-minute presentation on a topic of interest to fellow interim managers. You can see the previous presenters and topics here. The MC at each event is usually a volunteer AIEA member. The AIEA events have an admission price for non-members and a greatly discounted member price. Members are encouraged to bring guests along and these guests are charged at the member rate.
      • Online Webinars and Workshops: These other forms of regular events are designed to allow a Member to run a Zoom meeting on a suitable topic.
      • The Online Store: The AIEA Store is a platform where Members can advertise their products and services and the financial transactions are handled by the AIEA finance gateway (PayPal).
      • Member Sourced Resources: This is another platform for Members who wish to share the fruits of their labours with fellow members and the general public.
      • Blog: Members can post articles in the online Blog
      • Featured Members: Members have found that this facility brings new business opportunities to them from potential employers who browse the site.

Even More Benefits

  • Product Discounts - a well as the Events, everything in the AIEA Store is discounted for members.
  • Invitation to join the AIEA LinkedIn Group
  • You can receive a discounted DISC Behavioural Analysis report from HR Profiling Solutions.
  • You can activate your free MAUS Virtual CFO software
  • In addition to the AIEA networking events, the Corporate Partners host events for the benefit of AIEA members. 
  • You will receive the monthly AIEA Newsletter

    There is a monthly membership available for those who would like the opportunity to evaluate the benefits before commiting to an annual membership.

    Operating since 2013, we are striving to offer the level of services seen from AICD, AHRI, CPA and the like; but staying focussed on the needs of Interim Executives.

    AIEA Member Benefits

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