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  • 23 Oct 2013 2:24 PM | Deleted user

    The Financial Review have put another interesting article together outlining the increased market sentiment both in Australia and the UK. The real question is when will we start seeing a flow on affect to the bottom line.

    The full article can be found below.

    Shaun Drummond - Financial Review - CFO optimism spikes after election, action elusive

  • 15 Oct 2013 2:21 PM | Deleted user

    A fantastic article posted on the Human Capital Magazine website by Cameron Edmond outlining the benefits of this new offering to the market and another cost effective way of finding your next senior executive.

    The full article can be found below.

    HC Magazine - Cameron Edmond - New service for recruiting interim executives

  • 11 Oct 2013 2:19 PM | Deleted user

    A very interesting article by John Barnes from CSIRO first posted on The Conversation website. A look at the ways that 3D printing can help Australia become more competitive in a global manufacturing sense.


    The full article can be found below.

    John Barnes - The Conversation - Can 3D printing rebuild manufacturing in Australia?

  • 8 Oct 2013 2:06 PM | Deleted user

    A fantastic article by Peter Finkelstein on the importance of building strong relationships and keeping existing customers happy. The importance of building strong relationships, especially in a difficult market, translates to the job search as well. Clients will hire people that they already know and trust over somebody that is new and unproven.


    The article can be found below.


    Peter Finkelstein - Relationship selling: how building trust can lead to lifelong customers

  • 8 Oct 2013 1:49 PM | Deleted user

    Shaun Drummond from the Australian Financial Review has written another fascinating article highlighting the importance of these skills moving into 2014 across all industries. There are very few organisations that haven't been affected by international conditions at some stage in the last 18 months. A strong finance leader is ideally positioned to lead these organisations through these difficult times and come out stronger on the other side.

    The full article can be found below.

    Shaun Drummond - Financial Review - GFC - Hardened expats targeted for CFO Jobs

  • 19 Sep 2013 1:48 PM | Deleted user

    Another great article posted on the Business Spectator website. The future of the manufacturing industry in Australia has been in the media for quite a while now. What can be done to ensure that we continue to have a manufacturing presence moving forward?

    The full article can be found here - GM Holden threatens to exit Aust

  • 12 Sep 2013 2:28 PM | Deleted user

    At the end of the first week of a new government things are looking up in some sectors at least. According to Shaun Drummond a journalist at the AFR, upcoming legistative changes will lead to a spike in compliance and advisory work for the Big 4 and mid tier firms. It won't be an immediate change but a gradual increase in business confidence.

    The full article can be found here - AFR - Accountants expect uplift from change of government

  • 12 Sep 2013 2:27 PM | Deleted user

    Dr Richard Shrapnel understands the importance of succession planning. Not purely with a focus on retirement but more on valuing a business for what it is worth. In the article below he talks about the importance of succession planning from day one and what it means to business growth.

    The full article can be found here at Business Speculators - Business Accelerators: The key to valuing your business

  • 12 Sep 2013 2:27 PM | Deleted user

    The next version of the Andorid platform has officially been announced and who would have thought that the would team up with one of the worlds largest brands. A facinating co-branding exercise that we believe will be very successful.


    The full article can be found here at BRW - KitKat and Android: Why chocolate and software is the right co-branding mix by Mark Ritson

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