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  • 10 Jun 2014 1:41 PM | Deleted user

    The previous Labor government offered a $1000 bonus payment to organisations hiring a new employee over 50 years old. Did this work? Did this increase the number of over 50s finding employment? The current Government thinks that more can be done. Will increasing the bonus payment up to $10,000 have the desired result?

    Fiona Smith from the BRW has written an article on this topic that is definitely worth a read. The full article can be found here.

    Fiona Smith - BRW - Paying for experience: why we need bribing to hire someone over 50

  • 20 Mar 2014 1:40 PM | Deleted user

    Small businesses are able to use their SMSFs to invest in property. There are however a number of key points to know before purchasing said property. Daryl Dixon from Dixon Advisory is one of Australia's foremost investment experts and has written a very informative article outlining the key points any small business should be looking into before making these investment decisions.

    The full article can be found below:

    Daryl Dixon - AFR - Property a big deal for small business

  • 18 Mar 2014 1:39 PM | Deleted user

    Another topic dominating the front page recently has been the Qantas bid for assistance from the federal government. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out over the coming weeks as there are talks of widespread layoffs.

    Phillip Coorey from the AFR has outlined the key points that led to the decision by the government not to provide assistance in a recent article. That can be found here.

    AFR - Government and Qantas at war

  • 18 Mar 2014 1:39 PM | Deleted user

    Every business is different however all businesses need to look at their bottom line from both a profit and cash flow position. The question is which is more important in the current climate? It is a close call however Will Hocking from Hocking Enterprises has chosen profit if he had to choose one. The full article from BRW can be found here - Profit v Cash Flow: Which is more important 

    We are interested to hear your thoughts. Come and join the AIEA Linkedin Group to discuss this topic and others.
    AIEA Linkedin Group

  • 14 Jan 2014 1:38 PM | Deleted user

    Branson is one of the most successful entrepreneurs globally and has understood the importance of networking from a young age. In order for him to secure the skills to enter markets that he has limited knowledge of, networking with the right people was vitally important.

    Jack Preston wrote a very interesting article for the virgin website outlining the importance of networking for all levels of business.

    The full article can be found here - Jack Preston - Richard Branson: why you should network

  • 28 Nov 2013 2:22 PM | Deleted user

    Large global organisations see the value and benefits that interim executives can bring to the business. Julian Birkinshaw from the London School of Business has written a fantastic article for Forbes on the benefits of Interim Executives as well as identifying the key attributes of a successful interim manager.

    Full article can be found below:

    Forbes - Julian Birkinshaw (London School of Business) - Interim Executives: Models of Modern Management

  • 27 Nov 2013 2:22 PM | Deleted user

    Both events had a fantastic turn out and were great mornings with most attendees organising to catch up with each other post event as well. The guest speakers and topics were:


    Ella Riggert - Big Splash Communications - "Engaging with the Media and what makes News”

    Ella Riggert has been a senior Queensland media operative and communications executive for more than 18 years. As a Media Skills trainer, Ella brings a wealth of experience to her sessions after having worked in prominent positions in both the media and corporate spheres.

    As the Director of Big Splash Communications, Ella has built and protected major Australian brands and businesses such as AMP, Stockland and the Crime and Misconduct Commission as well as many small to medium businesses to enhance their media and public relations outcomes.

    Prior to Big Splash, Ella was a journalist at The Courier-Mail newspaper with more than eight years’ experience covering politics, general news, features, courts, property and lifestyle issues. She won a Queensland Media Award for excellence in government reporting.

    Jim Colonas - SG Partners - "Taking your company from Good to Great"

    Too often CEO/MD's are accepting what they are told from the sales team.  Excuses such as "the competitors are slashing prices, the company does not have the right product/services, the economy is depressed" I will discuss ways based on our 30 years of research of not accepting these excuses and actually capturing market share even in the "quiet times".

    Jim is a  highly experienced Consultant with many years experience in General Management, Sales Management, Business Development and Recruiting. He can assess sales teams and their training requirements, assess the health of an organisation's Sales function and re-engineer it for the new way forward. Jim helps organisations GROW through increased Sales!

  • 23 Nov 2013 2:23 PM | Deleted user

    We had a good turn out to our first AIEA event, with an "Introduction to AIEA Information Session" held mid morning with a Networking Lunch following it. The purpose of the lunch is purely networking and information sharing with a good time had by all. The Cellar Master of Tattersall's Club was the speaker and everyone learnt a lot about the wines that we were tasting on the day. All in all a fantastic lunch and a great first event.

  • 14 Nov 2013 2:24 PM | Deleted user

    A great article by Peter Finkelstein published in the BRW this month. Successful sales teams now more than ever are very important to organisations bottom lines. The full article below will outline 5 key questions that every sales manager should be able to answer.


    Peter Finkelstein - Five questions every sales manager should answer.

  • 23 Oct 2013 2:24 PM | Deleted user

    The Financial Review have put another interesting article together outlining the increased market sentiment both in Australia and the UK. The real question is when will we start seeing a flow on affect to the bottom line.

    The full article can be found below.

    Shaun Drummond - Financial Review - CFO optimism spikes after election, action elusive

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