Tips on how to survive your next networking event.

1 Sep 2014 1:35 PM | Deleted user

We have spoken a number of times over the last 12 months on the importance of networking, especially with the current market conditions creating increased competition for fewer positions. Many people avoid attending networking events as they say it is difficult to find the time within their busy schedules however this is no excuse. It simply means that making the most of the time you have at these events is more important. 

Forbes has put a fantastic list of tips and tricks together to help you survive your next networking event and the article can be found here.

Forbes - Darrah Brustein - 17 tips to survive your next networking event

If you are located in Brisbane we hope to see you at our next event on Thursday the 21st of August at the Vic Park Golf Complex. Details can be found here.

Brisbane Networking Event - 21st August at 10am - Paul Kennedy - "Growing your business"

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