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Reverse Mentoring and Social Leadership

8 Oct 2014 1:29 PM | Deleted user

The workplace is an ever changing business environment. It is constantly evolving with new processes and technologies available daily and no  employees could be a master in all the innovative skills relevant to a growing business. Sometimes more junior members of an organisation may be better equipped to mentor more senior members of the team with regards to specific business needs (especially technological), or simply to provide a different take on ingrained processes. This need to teach an old dog new tricks is demonstrated in this humorous video.

A question plaguing business leaders currently is, how do you build real trust in a workplace that is both social and multi generational? And what strategies should you put in place to ensure today’s leaders, as well as tomorrow’s are constantly learning and up-skilling?

If you are interested in learning more about various methods and benefits of Social Leadership and reverse mentoring, Forbes have written an article that outlines 5 of these methods and the article can be found here.

Forbes - Meghan Biro - 5 Methods for Social Leadership: Try reverse Mentoring

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