Traps every entrepreneur should try to avoid

6 Nov 2014 1:28 PM | Deleted user

There are no hard and fast rules when starting a new business, however there are certain traps that come up time and time again. In order to be successful, identifying strategies that haven’t worked in the past is invaluable and will hopefully help you avoid issues before they arise.

No matter what industry your new businesses operates in, there will always be tips and tricks that will be relevant to you and your business. Therefore continuous education and learning from other people's mistakes is vitally important.

John Corias from MAS Accountants has put together a list of 5 traps to avoid when starting a new business. These traps will be relevant for all businesses as they are not industry specific. The full article can be found here:

John Corias – BRW – Top 5 traps for entrepreneurs when starting a business: an accountant tells

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