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Do entrepreneurs need advisory boards?

27 Nov 2014 1:20 PM | Deleted user

A trap many entrepreneurs and small to medium family businesses fall into is the lack of outside or objective advice and trying to do everything themselves. Nobody is an expert on everything and everyone will benefit from sharing ideas, thoughts and processes that may help the business. This is why an advisory board can be so beneficial to the success of these small businesses. They will be able to assist and guide the business owner through any business issues that arise as well as provide support in identifying new business opportunities and threats.

Identifying potential advisory board members can be challenging for business owners who don't have a wide network of peers available to them. There are however a number of organisations out there that will be able to assist you find the right person for these positions. AIEA is one such organisation and those interested in additional information on how we can assist you in your search for advisory board members should contact Mal Walker at mal@aiea.org.au

BRW have posted an article outlining the benefits of an advisory board for entrepreneurs and small businesses as well as the areas of the business they may be able to provide insight into. The full article can be found below.

BRW - Why every entrepreneur needs an advisory board: leadership expert Steven Bowman

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