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Recognition of the Interim Executive

26 Jul 2016 1:09 PM | Deleted user

AIEA members are special people.

They are at the peak of their profession, having honed their skills working for corporations big and small. Now most have taken the step to incorporate and become their own commercial identity.

They are professional Interim Managers.

At this stage, recognition is important. All AIEA members have a post-nominal:

  • AAIEA – the entry level that indicates that they are available for interim work
  • MAIEA – they treat it as a desired work style
  • CAIEA – they have five or more years of interim management experience
  • FAIEA – the Fellows are the ultimate professionals with over fifteen years of interim experience

They all have a business card extolling their independence and outlining their services. Depending on their line of work, some have a corporate office. They all have a web presence and many have a referral page containing accolades received from their customers and colleagues.

These third party referrals are very important to an Interim Manager. It tells prospective clients that the Interim Management is known and trusted. You can never have too many. But how can you encourage people to provide the cherished recommendation without being crass or pushy. The secret lies in an old saying that starts with ‘do unto others’.

LinkedIn Recommendation

So, working on the concept that ‘givers are receivers’, consider who deserves a meaningful referral from you and pay it forward. A good place to start is with your fellow AIEA members.

If you aren’t already LinkedIn with them, do so (a form of recognition in itself). They write a thoughtful recommendation they can post on their LinkedIn profile. This is like gold.

Don’t confuse it with a LinkedIn Endorsement where you simply tick off their top skills; a recommendation is much more meaningful.

Order of Australia

Have you ever looked at the list of hundreds of awards published on Australia Day or Queens Birthday and wondered how they are selected? Many come from the military, the government or by self-nomination.

But others come about by nomination by members of the public – you and me. Like most voluntary things, most of the public don’t take part so it’s a narrow field.

Let’s see if we can get one or two ‘gongs’ awarded within AIEA. It’s a two year time lag on the process.


What goes around comes around.

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