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Cost Free Executive Recruitment

26 Jul 2017 1:07 PM | Deleted user

In days gone by, one of the ways to quickly build a million-dollar company was to set up a recruitment agency, especially one that specialised in Executive Search. We can all name some of these self-made tycoons.

But times are changing. The Internet Age brought is Seek, then LinkedIn, then Jobs Boards. Now a new phenomenon is emerging – business institutes and associations have realised that they need to assist their members to find meaningful assignments, paid or pro-bono.

An example of this service provider is the Australasian Interim Executive Association where the dynamic AIEA-Jobs facility connects their members with organisations that need their skills. Whilst it is a free service to both members and employers, AIEA has some simple guidelines to give it value:
• All advertised roles must be paid – no pro-bono or volunteer work
• They must be Managerial, CxO or NED positions
• Recruiters are welcome to contribute their roles but the employer must be disclosed
• Interim, part-time and short-term contacts are welcomed
• Permanent roles are included as 58% of the membership say they will accept an attractive permanent role
• AIEA does not charge a fee for the introduction service and does not intrude into the candidate selection process

What is really powerful about this approach is that nothing is put between the job advertiser and the potential candidate. Results can be very quickly achieved.

This is very important when an employer needs to swiftly find an interim executive (say a CFO) to fill a gap caused by a resignation.

Other business institutes are reportedly moving in this direction. CPA Australia has a similar facility but is limited to pro-bono assignments only. MEGT does a similar thing to connect apprentices to jobs.

Go to for more details.


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