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What Does a Typical Interim Manager Look Like?

11 May 2017 1:01 PM | Deleted user

What a question! As the Chairman of AIEA, I know hundreds of Interim Executives but the question threw me. How would you answer if you were asked “Who was a typical student in your graduating class?” or “What is your typical family member like?”

It made me start thinking about the individual members of the group in question and realise how diverse a group it is.

When I do a presentation, I often start off by asking this rhetorical question “What’s the difference between a 25-year-old candidate with a business degree and a 50-year-old candidate with a business degree?” Of course, the answer is 25 years of practical business experience.

AIEA members are categorised into four levels according to predetermined criteria.

  • AAIEA: the Associate is the entry level, showing a willingness to work as an interim but may not be dedicated to the path. Many retrenches take this quarterly option.
  • MAIEA: the Member is the annual subscription and it is from here that one can apply for higher recognition
  • CAIEA: the Certified Professional
  • FAIEA: the Fellow displays the highest level of expertise and experience

The last two levels are regarded as the premium members and are proudly listed on the Membership Honour Board.

Maybe the question should have been “Why does a person join AIEA?” Different aspects of AIEA will appeal to different people.

  • Recognition: Each level of AIEA membership has its own post-nominal and these are proudly displayed on their business cards and LinkedIn profile.
  • Networking: An Interim Manager is usually self-employed and works from home or a small office. They enjoy meeting their fellow members and gaining the mutual support that comes from one’s peers.
  • Lead Generation: It is common for members to swap leads and opportunities. Everyone knows of an assignment that doesn’t suit them but will suit a colleague.
  • Professional Development: AIEA offers various forms of CPD, including the Guest Speaker at the monthly networking events but, in reality, the best form of CPD is interaction and learning from your peers.
  • Jobs Board: The big difference between AIEA-Jobs and other jobs boards is that the employers and recruiters who advertise there are actually looking for the expertise that only years of experience can bring. It is a free service to members and to advertisers.

If one of these motivations resonates with you, there are two membership options open to you –

  • Associate: Here you gain access to all the benefits we have discussed and it is a lower cost entry-level for a three month membership
  • Member: The annual membership works out cheaper overall and allows an upgrade path to CAIEA and FAIEA. The premium members do not pay any more for the privilege.

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