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Is AIEA your Side Hustle?

AIEA has been established in Brisbane for a while now and has found a prominent place in the commercial marketplace. An increasing number of senior executives are adopting Interim Management as a preferred business lifestyle, and organisations are finding ready use of them.

Perhaps you have checked out AIEA and wished it was operating in your location.

Why is it active in Brisbane and Sydney but not in Melbourne, Perth or Albury? Well, it is, in a way. The AIEA-Jobs board operates Australia-wide and some members are located outside of the existing regions.

However, in discussion with members far and wide, they confirm that the main drawcard is not the jobs board; it actually is the networking events.

The Side Hustle Opportunity

All we need for AIEA to establish in another region is an individual to nominate to be the convenor in that location – to be the local face of AIEA. Like Steve Dotto, we believe in and practice Ethical Online Marketing. If that’s what you’re looking for – you’ve found it. All set up and ready to go.

Qualifications Required

If you qualify as a senior member (CAIEA and FAIEA), you will be the right person to run the local chapter of AIEA. Your main responsibility will be to coordinate a member networking event each month. The AIEA website will provide the technology with which to manage the events and new memberships

Benefit to You

  1. Part Time Work: This is not a full-time requirement – at least, not until it really takes off. That’s why we refer to it as a Side Hustle. What time you put into it depends on you
  2. It is Lucrative: 100% of the revenue from event attendee bookings will be remitted to you. 75% of your new and renewing membership fees will be remitted to you. 
  3. Technology Assisted: The website is the central hub of the organisation and handles all the payments for events and memberships. All revenue is pre-paid, so no chasing of unpaid revenue. In addition, you will receive the Member App and an Admin App for your Smartphone.
  4. Branding: One of the most powerful benefits to be had is the AIEA brand. It is associated with business maturity, professionalism and expertise. This will be seen to be epitomised in your personal profile.

The Next Step

If you think this could be the opportunity you are looking for, contact Mal Walker on If you are already an AIEA Member, you will know how it appeals to people with an Interim Executive mindset. Otherwise, determine that you qualify as a CAIEA or FAIEA. Write a few words on where you’re based and what you see the potential to be and include your résumé and/or the link to your LinkedIn profile.

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